Mark Carwardine – analogue artwork to digital press


Very pleased to see Mark Carwardines new book drop through the post recently: Mark Carwardine’s guide to Whale Watching in North America, USA – Canada – Mexico.

Mark has used the artist Martin Camm to illustrate the various species in the book. These illustrations work perfectly alongside Marks Photography to give a well rounded and clear guide to the sea creatures and their behaviour.

I helped Mark by developing a set of Photoshop actions to separate the paper texture from around the scanned illustrations and thus allow the book designer to place the illustrations anywhere on the page without any random edge tones or unwanted paper texture.

The actions did most of the work but in order to get an unbroken and totaly smooth edge I needed to manually and painstakingly go around and fine tune the edges of each animal at 1600% magnification to ensure a clean result.

I cannot compare my work to the beauty of the original illustrations created by Martin Camm but I hope my efforts helped show this very analogue artwork off at its best on the printed page.

Many thanks to Mark Carwardine for entrusting me to do the work. This is the definitive guide book to the subject and I’m happy that Copyrightimage has been involved in yet another high profile and important wildlife publication.