Client Story: Sue Flood

I recently made a “pop up” store to help Sue sell her new photography cards. Sue’s images are very popular and she has chosen some of her favorites to produce 4 sets of blank cards that are ideal presents or a distinctively different Christmas card to send. I used my Selectimage domain that has been on the back burner for a number of years, check out Sues cards here:


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Client Story: Soane

One of three books delivered this week from clients. This book is the definitive story of Rattan, the sustainable and elegant furniture material. A fascinating journey through the subject with beautiful, interesting and well chosen historical images.

Wonderful to work with Lulu and Elisa to help them get the best possible reproduction of some rare images that needed careful handling in order to match the high level quality of the rest of the book. When dealing with a wide variety of images from multiple sources it is doubly important to make sure that there is consistency in colour and tone quality and to ensure that no image lets down a page or section.

Much of the book was completed so I was just involved with the problematic images and after careful work injecting some love and attention I’m pleased to see that the whole book feels very consistent and this helps strengthen the fascinating story of rattan. You can order or buy the book from all good bookshops or Amazon.

If you are planning an important book that has a wide variety of images of varying quality then get in touch for a chat, printers can correct for some (limited) things but usually by compromising other images on the same page or strip. My careful grading and detail work ensures that consistency is built into every page and reduces reproofing and printing costs as well as elevating the overall quality of the book.

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Why Copyrightimage?

Copyrightimage Ltd was formed to help photographers and photo libraries improve the creative, technical and workflow aspects of their systems to enable them to better present and serve their images.

Copyright and Intellectual property are central to this, without ownership there cannot be a business. Copyrightimage is proud to support and help others benefit from their own intellectual property.

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Client alert: Beware of new Western Digital Red NAS drives

Quite an important issue for Photo libraries and photographers who keep their images and data on a NAS device (network attached storage).
I have been using and supplying NAS devices for decades now and helped quite a number of clients solve their image storage issues with them. A big favorite for populating these devices has been Western Digital RED drives. These drives are specially built for NAS use and have been very reliable.
Unfortunately that has all changed as Western Digital have now introduced some of their lower end technology into the drives without telling customers. This technology (SMR) restricts performance and could compromise data during a rebuild, this is not good.
All my customers have the better CMR version drives installed so no panic there (though we need to make sure any warrantee replacements are for CMR drives).
Going forward I will now only be using Seagate Ironwolf drives for NAS use, these drives are as good as CMR Red drives and Seagate have vowed never to put the lower end SMR technology into their NAS drives.
Western Digital are facing a lawsuit in the US over their deceptive (and frankly fraudulent) behavior. Such a shame.

You can read a detailed report on the problem here:


Update: 25/06/2020.
Western Digital have decided to sort this problem by introducing a third tier to their “Red” drives. The only purpose of this development is to get out of the problem upper management created and wished was gone away.

From now on Red Drives mean “avoid”.

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Losing work in Lightroom – dont let it happen!

I have recently had a cluster of new clients who for one reason or another approach me after losing images or other assets in Adobe Lightroom.

Whilst Lightroom is a pretty good program for managing large amounts of images there are certain “quirks” that can cause real problems.

On of the biggest problems comes from mistaking images that are either “deselected”, “selected” or “most selected”.

You can work on more than one image at once, you can tell when one or more images are selected because their colour surround changes to a slightly different shade of grey, if you get these mixed up (easy to do!) you can lose a lot of work.

I helped a client via the Mac screen sharing app this Sunday to help retrieve a book he had been working on for many hours, without the 15 minute intervention he may have faced many hours of work to recover. Fortunately I had set him up to make sure he saved backup copies of his Lightroom catalog as well as have a time machine drive attached at all times, this belt and braces approach makes for a much better ability to recover from a bad situation.

If you have hit a major problem or just want help in setting things up correctly then get in contact with me and we can sort it together.

Help is available!
Stephen Johnson
Mobile: 07776 448621

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Keeping your focus: timely advice from Zoe Whishaw

Zoe is one of my very experienced colleagues from the days of Tony Stone Worldwide and its transformation as the foundation of Getty Images.
She now works with photographers who wish to develop their business and take the steps needed to become more successful.

Zoe has just just written a guide for photographers that touches on the main points of how you can use this time of limited commitments to look at every aspect of your business and improve it so that you are ready for the upturn when it comes.

I think it is a very well written, you can access it on Zoe’s website directly here:

Part of the advice includes how to reduce costs (including retouching), surprisingly (I suppose!) I agree with this, with the right training imaging workflow done in house can be as good as a professional service, most of the photographers I work with use my training to fast track and develop their own abilities.

Spend some time looking through Zoe’s website and see if she could be of use to you.

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Adobe fix some Photoshop issues with new update

Photoshop version 21.1.1 is now available on the Adobe Creative Cloud.

This has fixed an issue clients were having where save steps in actions was not working. I have tested this and it does seem to be fixed. No rush to update as there may be new bugs introduced and its best to let things settle for a while if you are not affected.

Other bugs have been reported fixed, you can see the details here:

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