BBC Blue Planet II


Having worked on all the stills inside the new book of the BBC’s Blue Planet II for most of the year its a great relief that the project is no longer secret!

I’m very much looking forward to seeing the new series on the BBC later this month and spotting where the still frames for the book come from in the video sequences.

My involvement in the project was to grade the images from a variety of sources: 4k, 5k, 6k+ video cameras as well as underwater stills and a variety of other cameras used used in the “making of” segments. I needed to ensure colour and tone was consistent in the sequences and to make sure the images that glow from television screens can also make the journey to the printed page.

I carefully adjusted files and converting them to CMYK using a variety of techniques that keep as much colour and dynamic range as possible.

Always nice to work on a high profile project for a major client though I like to think that I will do my best for any client who uses my services. A big thank you for my BBC contact Laura Barwick for making it easier to deliver on the project.

Stephen Johnson / Copyrightimage Ltd