Updates and catchups

Its been a busy few months here at Copyrightimage, lots of special retouching / book projects I cannot reveal the details of just yet, here are some updates:

Very pleased to have been asked to attend the Awards Ceremony for Wildlife Photographer of the Year on the 13th October at the Natural History Museum, looking forward to meeting the winners on the night, perhaps they will not all be strangers?. If your attending then please make sure you say hello.

Recent work commitments means that I’m little behind on producing the “how to” videos but this will be sorted soon with the next entry in the series and some new quick tips in a shorter format that will be easier to produce.

Windows 10:
Having tested Windows 10 thoroughly on several computers I have now installed it on my main workstation. No problems so far and things are a little smoother so I’m happy with that.

I did check things over before making the jump so if you don’t have a second or third machine to test all your older programs / peripherals yourself you may wish to hold off the update. If in doubt give me a call.

File delivery:
Clients wishing to send images for retouching may wish to do so via Dropbox. My Dropbox account is stephen@copyrightimage.co.uk.

I find Dropbox to be the most reliable and flexible method of sending and receiving large files. I have an account with 1TB of space but you don’t need a paid account to share up to 2GB of files on a continuous basis. If you prefer an ftp account then that is still available from me also.

Imaging developments:
Its been another quiet year in imaging terms with no major developments, perhaps a good thing as it helps firm up standards and knowledge.

The new cameras and lenses have improved detail in images and I’m seeing some fine RAW files being delivered to me, I’m expecting an increase in Sony files within the next 12 months.

Benq has joined Eizo and NEC in producing a dedicated monitor for retouching. I have not had chance to see one in action yet so cannot give an immediate buy signal for those on a smaller budget but it does look promising: http://shop.colourconfidence.com/product.php/5602/benq-sw2700pt-pro-27in-ips-lcd-monitor

Adobe’s Creative cloud is still blocking the sun on program licensing but the Photographers bundle of Photoshop and Lightroom is well priced and is a consideration if CS6 is getting a little old for you. In fairness to Adobe they seem to have backed off with their aggressive sign in requests and the new annual plan is more like an upgrade cost than the monthly tax version.

As always, a pleasure to work with some great images this year, looking forward to seeing more and helping others get the most out of their photography and special projects.

Stephen Johnson