New 50.6mp Canon cameras available in June

Long wait is (nearly) over. Canon announced the Eos 5DS and 5DS R today. The 5DS R is £200 more and contains either a modified low pass filter or no low pass filter depending on what you read.

Clients shooting landscapes (and gardens!) will certainly benefit from the extra detail these cameras should deliver (there was certainly a big difference between my Nikon D800E images when compared to Canon 1DS MKIII images in such environments so I would expect nothing less with these).

The 8688 x 5792 50.6 mp files does equate to 144mb as an uncompressed 8bit tiff (288mb in 16 bit) so if detail / large crops are not your requirement then this is overkill.

Image Quality from the sample I have seen would suggest better shadow detail when lightening compared to the 1DS MKIII but its a shame they decided to make the sensors in house rather than use a Sony sensor.

For clients holding out for a higher res Canon body – looks like this is it.

Everybody is taking pre orders / selling the 5DS for £2999 inc vat and the 5DS R for £3199 inc vat. Retail price maintenance is illegal in the UK  – choice? you have none!