Wildphotos Notes – first video and pdf available now.

Many thanks for the patience of the people who attended my Imaging workshop at Wildphotos towards the end of last year. A combination of urgent retouching work and an increasing desire to put more and more detail down on paper meant that the promised notes took a back seat until recently.

Part of the reason being that because the workshop subject matters were quite wide ranging it did attract people with a wide range of abilities and skills from beginner to advanced. My desire is to cover the whole range and therefore I have decided to split the notes up into separate sections and release them together with an accompanying video which can explain more than written notes alone.

Producing videos also allows me to split a subject into beginner / advanced versions. The first video is now on YouTube and you can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9OBX0zaT_TyYPrIAkftK8w  (If you watch it on YouTube you can select HD from the viewing options and see it in its 1920×1080 full screen mode) (A small low res can be viewed above)

You can find notes about the items covered in the video by downloading the accompanying PDF here: Video 1 introduction.pdf

You may recall the retouching environment was just one of the many topics covered in the talk, I intend to cover all the subjects from the talk – and also the ones we couldn’t cover because of time. I have a provisional list of the titles for videos I will be producing over the coming months here: VideoList.pdf 

All these videos and all their accompanying notes and resource files will be available to workshop attendees for no charge, if you attended the workshop and have not yet given me your email address then please email me with your details so you can see more videos as they are produced. Future videos and notes may be made available to people who didn’t attend the workshop for a fee. Please feel free to send feedback.