Processing large quantities of images for output levels

As some of you know Im not too keen on Image Libraries such as Getty and Corbis asking for attenuated output levels on submissions (Getty ask for 3-252 for instance).

Continue to use the full bandwidth if needed in your Master files, with proper colour management any CMYK you make for your own projects will handle the range through colour management.

Given that libraries ask for these compromised files however I have been developing a windows program that can sort large collections of images and automatically place them into 4 folders for processing to required output levels. This pre selection process allows images that are already in the legal range to be left alone and images that have just illegal highlights or shadows put into separate directories with the last directory being for images with illegal values at both ends of the range. Files in these folders can them be processed though my special “legal levels” actions that acheive the required levels without compromising mid tone contrast.

I will be mainly using this program to process clients images when they request files for agency submission, I am however prepared to sell the program for your own use at a cost of £60+VAT. More details to follow.