Photoshop 21

Photoshop 21

Not too busy here at the moment so updated to the latest version of Photoshop on the day of its release.

I was too busy using Barco Creator in the early 1990s to use Version 1 or 2 of Photoshop but to be fair Photoshop has come a long way since the v3 I started to use (18 versions ago).

The new tools are ok but nothing overly interesting from an ethical photographic workflow perspective, though nicer to dust bust now that the responsiveness of the healing brush has improved (it became pretty bad in the last version).

I did need to reinstall NeatImage the noise reduction filter, this did not seem to transfer across automatically in the same way all the other plugins did, not the end of the world.

Bridge still pixelates images when going through a folder full screen fast (despite prebuilt 1:1 previews being generated). Looks like we are stuck with this problem long term, thankfully I still have Photo Mechanic 6 if I need to go through thousands of images quickly.

Perhaps time for Adobe to search for some new coding tools and really attack the latency and inefficiency of its current coding platform?

Update: a bit of an apology to Adobe engineers: I have since discovered my anti virus was actively scanning for ransomware all the time, turning this feature off (but still allowing scheduled scans) has brought Bridge back to being usable. Photo mechanic managed to be usable even with active protection so should be even faster still…