January update

TrueCall unit mounted under phone.
Its a spam filter for phone calls

Quick update for new clients and any clients phoning my landline number from a phone number other than their main ones.

I have installed a call screening device to get rid of of cold callers and international share sales / questionaire scams.

Its a brilliant device that allows through calls from known and trusted numbers but asks callers from unrecognised numbers their name before ringing the extension I use and asking if I want to take the call, if I do then I can add the number to my safe callers list using the star key.

Please bear with this process if you contact me on my landline, if Im in I will take your call (otherwise the answering machine will kick in). I will then add your number to the star list so any future calls come straight through.

Its been a real pleasure to answer the phone to genuine callers, the rest hang up or get blocked by the trucall device, I no longer get disturbed by criminals and time wasters as I retouch or write code.

if you like the sound of that you can learn more about the device here:

The same company sell it on Amazon cheaper than their own site so buy here: