Major revamp of PC drivers for current Epson printers

In a move that has taken me by surprise and given me quite a shock, Epson have released some new printer drivers that are really quite nicely done: More logical layout! You can now save all relevant settings under a preset! It makes sense!
Whats happened? has the lead programmer at Epson retired and been replaced? Were the old drivers written by Canon? Did Epson think the joke had gone on long enough?
In any case the new drivers are a BIG improvement. They are available for the pc to drive all current printers here (sorry 2100 users):

Its the 6.5a drivers that you will need.

Boot note: these drivers work on one Vista PC that the engineer said was incapable of network printing because of some vague compatibility problem with my switch, it sounded a load of tosh when he said it and these drivers prove it – the fault lay with Epsons programming.

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New resource



I have installed an Epson 3800 printer in the office for use in workshops. The original reason behind the purchase was so I could make some A2 proofs for a local client.


Not too much call for A2 prints otherwise but Im hoping the economy of the larger ink cartridges will make running this printer cheaper than my A3 Epson 2100.


Clients attending a workshop are free to make use of this resouce at cost, ink and paper. Bring your own paper if you prefer, Im currently experimenting with Permajet papers.


Im looking to make a set of my own profiles for the printer as Im keen to get a good one so that I can get some accurate press proofing ability.


Having just spend £700 on an A3 viewing box Im not too keen on finding out how much A2 ones are, oh well…
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