New Gretag Macbeth Software

Version 3.6 of i1 match has been released.
This shows improvements in checking profile quality etc as well as supporting monitor calibration under 64 bit windows.

You will need to log in to get the update:

There are a few new variables in this software so give me time to work out the implications for different client requirements before installing it. Unless your need is immediate (windows 64 bit) then hold off a little while.

New Gretag Macbeth Software

Gretag have released version 3.4 of i1 match.
This new version includes support for the automatic reading table and finer steps in the profile editor. It also contains ‘minor bug fixes’ so I would recommend clients to download it.

After install dont forget to remove the i1 profile loader from your startup folder if you are using the Microsoft color applet to load dual monitor profiles.

If you are not using the color applet then leave the i1 profile loader alone! (you will need to log in)