Managing multiple monitor profiles in Windows XP and Vista

If you have a Gretag Macbeth product registered with the company then you can obtain a useful utilitiy:

DisplayProfile freeware for Windows

DisplayProfile allows you to store multiple monitor profiles for your PC and have a way to easily switch between them. By moving the window to any connected monitor you can dynamically update the profile for that monitor. You can download the software here: (requires login)

This is a useful utility to have whilst we wait for Gretag Macbeth to release a calibration loader that works fully with Vista, possibly in the next release of i1Match. I will inform you here just as soon as I know….


Monitor profiling under Vista

Gretag Mackbeth i1 Match 3.6.1 – Screen calibration works fine under Vista. Drag the program to the screen you wish to profile (if you have more than 1 screen). Vista manages the separate profiles for you.

Eizo Colornavigator, I use this for my main screen (an Eizo CG211). The software will fail to run under Vista straight off. You need to locate the Colornavigator program (usually in: c:program fileseizocolornavigator) right click on it and select properties. Then click on compatability and select Windows XP service pack 2 or Windows 2000 to emulate. The program will then work fine (phew!)

New Gretag Macbeth Software

Version 3.6 of i1 match has been released.
This shows improvements in checking profile quality etc as well as supporting monitor calibration under 64 bit windows.

You will need to log in to get the update:

There are a few new variables in this software so give me time to work out the implications for different client requirements before installing it. Unless your need is immediate (windows 64 bit) then hold off a little while.

X-Rite buys Gretagmacbeth

Having used instuments from both companies Im confdent that X-Rites impending takeover of Gretagmacbeth will not cause any problems.
A company statement says that they will continue supporting existing products for a minimum of 7 years so nobody should lose out.
Having said all that it would be nicer for their customers if they didnt merge but rather competed against each other to provide the best products.
All a bit too cosy in my opinion.

New Gretag Macbeth Software

Gretag have released version 3.4 of i1 match.
This new version includes support for the automatic reading table and finer steps in the profile editor. It also contains ‘minor bug fixes’ so I would recommend clients to download it.

After install dont forget to remove the i1 profile loader from your startup folder if you are using the Microsoft color applet to load dual monitor profiles.

If you are not using the color applet then leave the i1 profile loader alone! (you will need to log in)

Colour management services


Over the next few weeks I will be building some sets of camera profiles for the Canon 1ds. The purpose of this is to judge the usability and usefulness of camera profiles in studio conditions using controlled lighting. I hope to report back on the results here in the near future so keep checking back.