Download available: Default Photoshop CS5 settings action

Because Adobe need to please as many people as possible Photoshop doesn’t come setup with the best defaults for working on large photographic images.

After many years of working with Photoshop I have honed down a series of settings that make using Photoshop quicker and more accurate.

Normally I do this work on client machines and leave them with a archival copy to ensure they can reset their system if they need to such as when reinstalling Photoshop etc.

I have now produced a generic version of this action for free download to help the community. It is available from the Downloads section

Naturally my paying clients actions are better tied into their machines/workflow but I do hope this action will make a good starting point for you.


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Slideshow actions


I have developed some Photoshop actions that prepare and format image files for digital projection.
These actions take a lot of the work and hassle out of the slideshow creation process producing files that can be dropped directly into Microsoft Powerpoint and Apple Keynote software (and others) without the need to resize them etc.
There is a little bit of magic sauce in them that overcomes the “flattening” that commonly occurs with digital projectors.
From these actions you can create droplets and drop any number of images (both horizontal and vertical at the same time) and the files will be processed and placed in an output folder.

The actions currently work with the following data projector resolutions:

800 x 600
1024 x 768
1400 x 1050
1920 x 1200

The actions are free to existing customers or people who have attended my workshops in the past. If you would like a copy of the actions and are not currently a client you can purchase the actions for £20 (incl VAT).

Existing clients click here to request actions or purchase them using the button below (I will email you the actions as soon as I receive the payment).

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Velvia Action

By popular request Im posting a direct link to Michael Soo’s software page.
Michael has done a good job to make a Photoshop action to replicate the look of a Velvia image (a particular kind of saturation).
For photographers used to Velvia the colour of digital capture can seem a little pale (if more accurate!). This action can also be used on film scans to perk them up a little.
For my clients I edit the action a little to set the opacity of the Velvia layer and leave the opacity control open ready to fine tune. For myself I find the blue’s go a little too cyan so I correct this by cycling the blue hue towards magenta a little.

$10 well spent:

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