Specialist image grading for best quality CMYK repro

Always nice to receive finished books after working on projects for clients, recently I have received two.

The first book is “Our Planet” from the Netflix series of the same name. This is a superb and questioning work of Producers Alistair Fothergill and Keith Scholey. I normally work in association with Alistair and Keith via other clients such as the BBC and Disney nature but this is the first (and very impressive) outing for Netflix.

All aspects of this production are of the highest order and I took seriously my responsibility to grade and prepare the video and still images for the book and PR so that they represent the project as best as possible. The book is available from all good book sellers (or Amazon).


The second book is  “Seeking Leviathan” by Christopher Swann (better known as Swanny).
Swanny is a superb photographer and knows his subject matter well, this book is a fabulous collection of his life’s photographic work in the worlds oceans photographing the creatures he loves (whales, dolphins and other cetaceans).

He is a very modest man but this book is a Master work of how to put passion about a subject on to the page. It is detailed, humorous, honest and superbly set out – highly recommended.

Swanny approached me to help translate his underwater images to the printed page. Underwater images can die a very horrible death when printed in CMYK inks and I have developed several techniques to maximize the quality of the repro to better represent the original images.

These techniques were developed in my work for photographers Sue Flood and Doug Allan as well as the BBC and Disney nature and allow underwater scenes to be seen in natural form rather than the posterised and muddy magenta/cyan blues that normally occur.

The book was designed by Dorothy Jackson and she has also done a fabulous job with the layout (http://www.dorothyjackson.org/)

The book is available direct from Swanny here:



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Creative Cloud automatic updates

Just noticed that the most recent version of Creative Cloud offers the option to allow automatic updates. You will receive a similar notice when logging into Creative Cloud. By default this is ticked. As you may know its professional best practice to work with a known good/stable version of your main software and new versions are best approached with care, let others find out if there are problems first, especially if you have important client work on the go – don’t be the guinea pig.

If you have enabled auto updates consider going to the preferences and unticking the last box. Enable “show older apps”. In addition make sure “Show older Apps” is ticked if you are keeping backward compatibility for some plugins or a known good version of the program


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Photography Workshop 2019

Click Sue to follow link

Very pleased that I will be again running Imaging workflow workshops at Chester Zoo in September 2019. There are 2 two day courses to choose from, the first is 16th-17th September and the second is 21st-22nd September.

Places are limited and we will split the attendees up into 3 groups so that the classes are small and will rotate between tutors.

I will be joining the leading Arctic Photographer Sue Flood who will be running the practical photography workshops and Cindy Miller Hopkins who covers medata and marketing amongst other things, Cindy is a mine of information and is not to be missed.

My class will be a distillation of what I have learned over 28 years of being a professional retoucher and will cover selecting, colour grading, retouching  and preparing your images in the fastest possible time with the highest quality possible. My class will include some live retouching so you can see the techniques I use for clients such as the BBC and Disney Nature.

You can read more about the course and book places for yourself or someone you know would benefit from this friendly and informative team here:  https://www.chesterzoo.org/support-us/gifts-and-experiences/experience-days/advanced-photography-course


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“Dynasties” is a major new BBC wildlife documentary series featuring David Attenborough and due for transmission soon. Going by the trailers it looks to be a fascinating and emotional series.

I was delighted to be entrusted to help work on the book of the series and prepare all the photography and video stills inside for reproduction.

This dedicated “Image grading” means carefully, individually and consistently working on each video frame used as well as images from stills cameras to keep an even and high standard in reproduction.

Read moreDynasties

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Client Guidance: Photoshop 2019 ver. 20.0.0

The newest version of Photoshop CC is now available via the Creative Cloud update program. Just a few points to consider before upgrading:

Some useful performance improvements evident in this new release. I have not had time to go through all the changes so don’t have a full report yet, here is a rundown of the main points for working users:

Read moreClient Guidance: Photoshop 2019 ver. 20.0.0

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August update



Its been a little while since I updated the website so here are some recent highlights:

Workshops: Its been a busy few months here at Copyrightimage. Im travelling a little more than in the past as my newer photography clients prefer to have their training and systems setup on their own site rather than bringing everything to North Norfolk – which is fair enough of course. A few days of training can often be enough to check on colour management, file handling, backing up and software training, if your imaging workflow is less than ideal then a short intensive check and training session could be what you need to gain confidence and re-invigorate your photography, whether you’re a beginner, advanced or professional I can help you get the most from your photography, get in touch for more details.

Natural History Museum: Pleased to have a copy of “Unforgettable underwater photography” drop through the post box. This is the latest book to use the unique collection of Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition images as its source. I was asked by the books editor Rosamund Kidman Cox to work on the image files and produced sharpened CMYK repro ready files.

Underwater images can be the hardest to make the journey to the printed page, the CMYK process does not have much ability to show all the shades of blue that can be shown in RGB on a screen, it took an awful lot of effort and very careful working to get the very best out of these images but I was pleased to see the hard work had paid off and I was able to do the best for the excellent photography this competition attracts.

Other: I have been and will be working on even more books this year for lots of different clients, looks like the consistent high quality “look” that dedicated file preparation can bring book production is starting to make waves,  it also does no harm that my accurate soft proofing and colour management means that proofing costs have fallen dramatically for clients…

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