Most of the work done for the BBC is to do with retouching and CMYK file prep for the books that accompany the major natural history documentaries. I retouch a mix of original RAW, Jpeg and Video format (4k+) RED files.

Care is taken to retain the veracity of the images with adjustments limited to removing camera artefacts, cast and exposure / contrast issues.

When a sequence of images is required I will adjust individual shots so that they integrate into the general flow of the story. This mainly takes the form of adjusting tone and colour for the different cameras/lenses used on a sequence and is not dissimilar to colour grading for tv and cinema in this regard.

During this work I set my Fogra ISO standard monitor to an adjusted 5000K in order to better preview the outcome of printing on paper. I get very good “soft” proofing results from the monitor and can predict the appearance of the proofs very accurately.

Occasionally I “hard” proof the image myself using my profiled Epson printer and Epson Fogra certified proofing paper.

Services provided:

Production retouching
Stills from video grading
Quality control