Problem displaying Google chrome with Rec 2020 colour space

A bit of a strange one this. I have been doing some video work and switched my Eizo ColorEdge CG279X into the Rec  2020 color space and found that when I launched a Google Chrome web browser that the window displayed without its contents with just a transparent frame around where the Chrome window should be. When I chose a different colour space (Rec 709, Adobe 1998 etc.) Chrome displayed properly.

I had tried everything before this (uninstalling the program etc.) but it was only when I changed the colour space that things fixed themselves.

Planet Earth III, Copyrightimage helps the BBC make the most of its images

Pleased to receive my complimentary copy of the new book accompanying the new BBC series Planet Earth III narrated by David Attenborough. This new series has all the stops pulled out and has music by Hans Zimmer!

My task was to colour grade all the photography and video grabs used in the book so that they printed well and depicted the subject matter in a natural way.

My careful image grading techniques are designed to fit a large tonal and colour space within the confines of printed paper, unlike HDR televisions which have a huge contrast range CMYK printing has a limited range and in order to make the pictures sing their best I used my 35 years of repro and photo knowledge to work some magic.

The book is published by Penguin and will be available in all good book shops or Amazon on the 19th October 2023.  You can see the trailer for the new series here:

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