Client Story: Soane

One of three books delivered this week from clients. This book is the definitive story of Rattan, the sustainable and elegant furniture material. A fascinating journey through the subject with beautiful, interesting and well chosen historical images.

Wonderful to work with Lulu and Elisa to help them get the best possible reproduction of some rare images that needed careful handling in order to match the high level quality of the rest of the book. When dealing with a wide variety of images from multiple sources it is doubly important to make sure that there is consistency in colour and tone quality and to ensure that no image lets down a page or section.

Much of the book was completed so I was just involved with the problematic images and after careful work injecting some love and attention I’m pleased to see that the whole book feels very consistent and this helps strengthen the fascinating story of rattan. You can order or buy the book from all good bookshops or Amazon.

If you are planning an important book that has a wide variety of images of varying quality then get in touch for a chat, printers can correct for some (limited) things but usually by compromising other images on the same page or strip. My careful grading and detail work ensures that consistency is built into every page and reduces reproofing and printing costs as well as elevating the overall quality of the book.