Keeping your focus: timely advice from Zoe Whishaw

Zoe is one of my very experienced colleagues from the days of Tony Stone Worldwide and its transformation as the foundation of Getty Images.
She now works with photographers who wish to develop their business and take the steps needed to become more successful.

Zoe has just just written a guide for photographers that touches on the main points of how you can use this time of limited commitments to look at every aspect of your business and improve it so that you are ready for the upturn when it comes.

I think it is a very well written, you can access it on Zoe’s website directly here:

Part of the advice includes how to reduce costs (including retouching), surprisingly (I suppose!) I agree with this, with the right training imaging workflow done in house can be as good as a professional service, most of the photographers I work with use my training to fast track and develop their own abilities.

Spend some time looking through Zoe’s website and see if she could be of use to you.

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