Bumper book delivery

Busy day on Friday, received a couple of books from the publishers. Very pleased with the print quality of both books, the first is “Seven Worlds One Planet” for BBC books. This is to accompany the new flagship Nature series featuring David Attenborough.

As always a great responsibility to grade the images from a variety of sources and keep the results true to nature so that the images reflect the natural world that we are all part of.

The second book is the one to accompany the latest winners of Wildlife Photographer of the year, another challenge to grade the images so that they sit on the paper well and tell their story to the maximum effect.

Im very fortunate to work with some of the best film makers and photographers the world has to offer, a real privilege to let their work shine through.


Stephen Johnson

A quiet revolution in photography workshops

Left to right: Cindy Miller-Hopkins, Stephen Johnson, Sue Flood. Photo © Chris Graham

It took a lot of preparation for the recent advanced photography workshops at Chester Zoo but we are delighted with the feedback from them.

More workshops are planned for next year as we expand the effort to bring professional grade teaching to all.

I think we surprised the attendees with the depth and detail of the decades of professional knowledge we shared with them.

We were all delighted to enable and advance people’s vision and workflow and guide them to a truly photographic and ethical approach to their work, onwards and upwards!

Hi Sue, Cindy & Stephen

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help throughout the course. I can’t tell you how much i learned… including techniques and tips i can use throughout my photography not just wildlife. It seriously has been the best photo course i have been on