“Dynasties” is a major new BBC wildlife documentary series featuring David Attenborough and due for transmission soon. Going by the trailers it looks to be a fascinating and emotional series.

I was delighted to be entrusted to help work on the book of the series and prepare all the photography and video stills inside for reproduction.

This dedicated “Image grading” means carefully, individually and consistently working on each video frame used as well as images from stills cameras to keep an even and high standard in reproduction.

This helps ensure I bring out the nature of the environment and the animal and reduce or remove photographic and video artefacts so the best possible image is reproduced on the page.

As TV moves towards Ultra High Definition and High Dynamic Range standards it becoming more and more important to get the best possible results on the printed page so that the book can do justice to the TV experience.

I’m delighted that the reader reviews from previous BBC books have been consistently high and I hope this is the best one yet.

Working as part of the production team has been a highly enjoyable and full credit is due to the photographers and the producers for making such a brilliant piece of work.

My own thanks are due to Bethany Wright who was a very good project editor and Picture Researcher and principal contact Laura Barwick who like myself responded to emails and requests a little too close to midnight…

The design by Bobby Birchall is also first class, Bobby is such an easy designer to get along with and we have a great number of books worked on together now and hopefully many more in the future. The book is now in all good bookstores (just in time for Christmas!).

If you have an important book project and want to get the best possible printed results from your photography then please feel free to get in touch. CMYK conversion is not a trivial matter and I can help you through a minefield of things that can so easily degrade picture quality.