Reflecting the world in your photography.

Delighted to have run a successful weekend imaging workflow workshop here in Sheringham recently. It was on a Saturday which suited the private client better. In this kind of 1:1 workshop I can work closely with the photographer and find the areas that will help them grow and get better and faster results in their workflow.

As part of the workshop I need to “map out the territory” we were covering and why. One of the fundamentals of image grading and retouching is to start off with good photography as a source. There is no “clever” software / tool or filter that will turn a mediocre image into a good one. Many try of course and the web and Youtube are littered with multi coloured and deeply artificial images made from dull and poor quality source images. Not good.

Successful photographers such as Clive Nichols ( engage with their subject, they move around it and use the light to bring out an emotion and connection and express this relationship in their images.

Clive recently shot some images in snowy conditions, they could have been static but Clive worked with the conditions and recorded the snow falling and placed the movement as part of the structure in his images. These a fine images, a little out of the ordinary; but in a natural way.

Let’s imagine that a company introduced a filter that allowed you to add falling snow to any image, would that be a good thing? In my opinion no, even the best results it could produce would be artificial, it’s like the difference between a fine meal and a McDonalds.

Make your photography real and meaningful, dont make images that can be consumed instantly and pollute, instead make images that will last and have purpose.

If you think you would benefit from a workshop that helps raise your work to professional standards then please feel free to get in touch.