Client Story: Natural History Museum new book

Very pleased to have worked on the new book from the Natural History Museum titled “Unforgettable Behaviour

The book shows some of the most interesting animal behaviour from past “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” overall and category winners and adds descriptive text that adds context and depth to the story of each image.

Im a big fan of having a better understanding of the world and happy that this book is not just visually strong but also contains a depth of knowledge in the subject matter.

t was my job to translate the RGB images supplied from multiple sources into a cohesive and consistent set of CMYK separations that could be printed safe in the knowledge that shadow, midtone and highlight details are preserved and best represent the image on paper.

I was also very pleased when Roz Kidman Cox (the Editor and Author) passed all the proofs for the images on the first pass and did not require any adjustments or further proofs. It is always my aim to get the separations right the first time, helped by my investments in colour management and an attitude of doing the right thing for the image, regardless of the time involved. This extra effort at Copyrightimage allowed the client to lower reproofing costs and improved the quality of the printed result.

Thanks also go to the books designer Bobby Birchall (bobby and co design) who makes great layouts to work to and makes the complex process of managing images easy.

Last thanks goes to Lynn Millhouse the Production Manager at the NHM for putting the team together and for being prepared to go the extra mile in producing something worthwhile and relevant.

You can buy the book at all good bookshops or Amazon, link here.