I am once again visiting clients and running dedicated 1:1 workshops with them.

If you think your photographic workflow would benefit from my experience and wish to work much quicker and to a higher standard then please get in touch and we can sort something out that suits you.

Dont be shy, there are no silly questions in imaging workflow, I help build confidence in people so they can work quicker and get more from their photography.

Get in touch

Stephen Johnson
Copyrightimage ltd

telephone: 01263 825277 (international: +44 1263 825277)
mobile: 07776 448621
skype: copyrightimage

Note: I have a call sentry on the landline. When you first call, just give your name and I will pick up your call. I will then add your number to the list and subsequent calls will come straight through.


Copyrightimage is based in Sheringham on the UK's North Norfolk coast

North Norfolk is a beautiful part of the Country and an ideal location for small workshops where you we can concentrate on your images and work out the best way to get the results you want.