Scanning Overview

I have two scanners for jobs where images are supplied in analogue print or film form (Negatives and Transparencies).

These professional grade scanners allow me to make repro quality scans suitable for publication in books or magazines and also other large format uses.

For dedicated 35mm film scanning of either colour or black and white film I use a superb Nikon Super Coolscan 5000.
Nikon no longer manufacture this scanner but they are are capable of almost drum quality scans if used correctly. I drive the scanner using the original Nikon software which allows me to set 16x sampling for improved detail and smoothness in shadow areas.

The brand new Epson V850 Pro scanner allows me to make grain sharp scans of medium to large format film  (6cm x 6.45cm to 10″ x 8″)  as well as very high quality print scanning.

Epson Scanner
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