Room Lighting

Working in controlled lighting conditions is an important component in colour management. I work in a room that has blackout blinds at the windows. With the blinds up its a beautiful room especially with the sun shining in and highlighting the dust.

When I’m working the blinds are down I get rid of all the variable light that may distract me or adjust my light sensitivity and I can read the colour and tone on the monitor with great consistency, whether it is night or day.

Blackout blinds don’t need to be black – and they are readily available from local blind suppliers.

I have 2 GRAFILITE lights in the room, they are placed behind my Monitor and light up the white painted wall at the rear. This colour correct lighting provides a soft wash of light that is lower in brightness than my monitor so allows my eyes to correctly adjust to the white point of the monitor.

There is no direct light other than the monitor so this soft wash of light is very restful on the eyes.

If you cannot justify a light booth for judging prints then its good to know that these lights are also suitable for viewing prints.

ColourConfidence (UK)