Other Clients

After training most clients are happy to build on their work and only occasionally need my help with updates or training in new methods, I’m happy to keep all clients as up to date as possible and am only an email or phone call away.

Janette Hill / Natural Wonders Photography: http://www.janettehillimages.co.uk/, http://www.naturalwondersphotography.co.uk
Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers http://www.shahrogersphotography.com/
Arcaid http://www.arcaid.com/
Steve Bloom http://www.stevebloom.com/
Michael Fogden http://www.fogdenphotos.co.uk/
Ben Cranke http://www.bencranke.com/
Martin Hartley http://www.martinhartley.com/
Elliot Neep http://www.enwp.co.uk/
Andrew Lawson http://www.andrewlawson.com/
Marianne Majerus http://www.mariannemajerus.com/
Rosemary Alexander http://www.rosemaryalexander.co.uk/
Rick Tomlinson http://www.rick-tomlinson.com/
irisimage http://www.irisimage.com/
Scott Polar Research Institute http://www.spri.cam.ac.uk/
ArcticPhoto http://www.arcticphoto.co.uk/
MINT images http://mintimages.com/