Client Story: MINT Images, helping to conserve the Tiger population

Its always a pleasure retouching  images for MINT and ensuring that they have a contemporary feel as well as meeting the quality standards of the market.

MINT images are driven by its founder Duncan Grossart who is very much concerned that the photography represented is centred around the environment, sustainability and issues of health and well-being.

These are very real issue and concerns for Duncan (as they should be to us all). Supplying the market with positive high quality images helps to engender these values.

Duncan goes even further and is actively helping projects that can overcome environmental problems. His support of ZSL in Russia in their Tiger conservation work is an example of how active support can make a difference. You can read more about the work of ZSL here: PDF

I would recommend any photographer who shares Duncan’s values and would be interested in supplying a contemporary high quality photolibrary look at their site here: MINT