Software advisory: ColorNavigator Fogra validation in Photoshop CC

fograA bit of an obscure one that may be of interest to a few clients who do their own repro:

I was checking  my secondary calibration target I use for judging CMYK images for repro. (This has a dedicated white point setting that matches my viewing booth so I can get a good screen/print correlation using the Epson fogra certified proofing paper)

I noticed that the Photoshop automation that ColorNavigator uses to check press colours when verifying the profile fails to run using Photoshop CC 2014.2.2 on a Windows PC.

The answer is to quit Photoshop CC and run Photoshop CS6, then quit Photoshop CS6 and run the validation, this then reopens Photoshop 6 and runs the validation correctly.

I’m a big fan of ColorNavigator software so hopefully this will be sorted in the next release, I’m looking forward to colour grading some high profile books later this year and a tight colour management setup is key to getting the most out of the images in repro.

Always nice to see some low delta E figures 🙂

Update April 2015: Pleased to note that this has been fixed in ColorNavigator 6.4.19 – terrific.