Wildscreen Workshop

Many thanks to all the people who turned up to my workshop at Wildscreen on Friday. It was a fun if intense three hours and I appreciate everyone’s patience as we worked through some of the fundamentals of the critical process of editing

I was pleased to see that some of the core principals in the workshop were echoed by other people in the presentations over the weekend and I hope that the message of subject/image centred editing will override the unfortunate software centred methods that are taught in workshops sponsored by the software companies.

I will be preparing some notes to remind you of the concepts in the workshop and these will be free to people who attended, just send me an email if you have not already emailed me or given me your details.

-Update 06.Feb.2015

Please excuse the long delay in getting the notes to everyone, work has been solid since the workshop and it takes an inordinate amount of time to write the detail. I have decided to split things up a bit  and to make a series of videos describing what I covered (and the things I didn’t cover because of time). I plan to have the first set of notes/videos available by the end of the Month, I will email people who have given their address to inform them, if you were part of the workshop and would like to be notified then please email me.

Many thanks