Edward Leigh

Edward Leigh

Edward, of Excogitate Consultancy and Visual Connections, provides complementary services and backup support to Copyrightimage clients. Edward and Stephen worked together at Getty Images and have maintained a close working relationship since. Edward’s main areas of expertise are web development and online marketing, with a particular focus on image libraries.




Wildscreen Workshop

Many thanks to all the people who turned up to my workshop at Wildscreen on Friday. It was a fun if intense three hours and I appreciate everyone’s patience as we worked through some of the fundamentals of the critical process of editing

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Informational reality

beforeafterInteresting article over at Petapixel about early beauty retouching. Before Photoshop there were soft leaded pencils in contact with large format negatives.

What I find interesting is the before and after, if one or the other image was presented on its own it would be accepted as a reasonably good portrait.

When they are presented together however there is a ton of new information ready to be digested, concepts of “age”, “beauty” and “the idealized” are there to explore.

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Client Story: BBC

Earlier this year I helped work on images for use in the BBC Book “Life Story” to accompany the new series about to air on the BBC in the UK.

What was especially interesting (and historical!) about this work was that a large portion of images in the book were actually shot on the new RED Ultra HD video cameras (4k and 5k)

I have worked with RED UHD video files before but this was the largest and most intense job yet using special video software to set white balance/colour and tone before exporting the high resolution stills as 16bit tiffs for further work in Photoshop.

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Photoshop CC 2014.2 update: unwelcomed welcome screen

If you are a Photoshop CC user you may have updated to the latest 2014.2 version released yesterday that has some minor updates added to it.

No major changes noticed so far but here is however an annoyance with the new version – a “welcome” dialogue that appears after a delayed start and stops you from using the program as usual before clicking the thing away.

It is possible to turn this off but Adobe has decided to hide this option and not put it on the opening screen (where it belongs). To turn off the welcome dialogue select the “New Features” tab and click the relevant box – you may need to scroll down to the bottom of the dialogue depending on the content of the page you see.