You can tell when Im busy as I tend not to update the website! I recently expanded my retouching work here and in the spirit of the new age of premium work at less than premium costs I have been improving the infrastructure to allow me to move images to and from clients in a more timely manner, it all helps things pay for both myself and my client that a trip to the post office to post DVDs is no longer required. Im lucky enough to live in one of the few areas of Norfolk to be covered by the new Fibre  to the cabinet (FTTC) network by BT, I was first in line for the upgrade and my download speeds have now lept over 10x and upload speeds are now 16x faster than before. Any clients who are interested in moving images around quickly may want to check their line here if it mentions that your line supports fibre then check to see what your ISP has to offer.

(The figures mentioned in the image above are in megabits, just divide by 8 to get megabytes, 74mbits/sec is real world 9MB /sec download meaning a 60MB image download would take just over 6.6 seconds, uploading a 60MB image would take approx 30 seconds.)