Photoshop CS6 retail code

I have just installed Photoshop CS6 from the retail release here at Copyrightimage.
Just a couple of points to help out any clients making the upgrade:

1. If you do have the beta of CS6 already installed then completely uninstall it first before installing the retail code. If you have Photoshop CS5 or earlier installed then dont uninstall it just yet.

2. There is one change since beta that annoys me – when using the zoom tool there are image measurements displayed at the edge of the zoom boundary box. This is very distracting to me, if you also find it annoying then you can turn it off by opening preferences and selecting “none” in the drop down menu of the   “Show Transformation Values” in the Options part of the Interface section.

I found the beta faster and nicer to use than Photoshop CS5 so Im hoping the retail code hasn’t changed this too much. If you are still using CS4 or earlier it may be time to think about swapping to a 64bit operating system and using CS6 in 64bit mode.

Any queries – get in touch,