Nikon ups the ante with 36MP Dslr

Exciting times in Nikon land with a new record for 35mm Dslr resolution of 36MP.

The Nikon D800 has a maximum resolution of 7360 x 4912 pixels meaning an uncompressed 8 bit tiff size of over 103mb!

Read about it here:

Link to sample images:

Image quality looks to be somewhere between current best 35mm Dslr and Medium Format digital, so not quite Hasselblad quality but not that far off and a lot cheaper/easier to use.

Some samples with a wide angle zoom show that the limiting factor is the lens resolution itself.
Perhaps this has occurred to Canon who may bring something out to match it, they have started to revise their lens designs to improve performance:

Clearly Nikon are on the front foot with this especially at the price point of £2,400 for the version with an anti alias filter, (for some reason the one without the filter is more expensive)

Compared to 21MP cameras like the Canon 1ds MKIII these files will require an extra 70% more disk space for raws and master tiff files. Working with the 103mb file is interesting, it takes quite a few stokes with a wacom pen to move around the canvas even on a very high res 30″ Eizo screen, its like going back to 8MP images on an old 1024×768 screen.

Interesting, what do you think Canon?