i1 display 2 support under Lion

There wont be any.

Well that’s the short version. Since i1match software relies on the software transition layer called “Rosetta” to run on Intel Macs and “Rosetta” is dropped from OSX 10.7 (Lion) it is not possible to directly run the program on a machine running Lion without some very faffy workarounds.
The new i1Publish software does not support the older hardware but it does (surprise) support the new Xrite monitor calibrators they have just released.
Since there really is no compelling imaging reason to upgrade to Lion then I strongly advise that you don’t, you will save money and be able to easily calibrate your screen for a colour correct workflow.
However! at some point an upgrade will become important (newly released software/patches etc) that need Lion or one of its successors; I will therefore be testing out the new screen calibrators in the near future and report back.
In the meantime you can read some detail here from Rob Griffith with a very kind offer if you bought your i1 display 2 from them recently:
Xrite are not kind, they could easily have supported the older hardware on the new i1 software if they wanted to, its the kind of rough behaviour that comes from dominating the market by buying your biggest competitor (Gretag Mackbeth)….