I have been working on some interesting projects recently, unfortunatly client confidentiality means that I cannot mention them here, this blog would be much more interesting if I could talk about my work a little more 🙂

The photolibrary business is going through one of its crisis of confidence at the moment but there is no general trend, some parts remain viable and its no surprise to see that the high quality/original thinking end is doing well, keeps us on our toes anyway…

CS4 has bedded in nicely here, the Bridge has a nice solid feel and the Wacom brush size control saves me a few seconds each time I use it – which is often.
Im running Photoshop and Lightroom in full 64bit mode with 6GB of ram on a new self built quad core Intel i7 process running Vista 64. Nice and smooth though not the big hike in processing power that previous generations have given, looks to me like performance is hitting a plateu since most of Photoshop seems single threaded.

Middle to late June is quite busy with client visits so let me know if I can help over the next few weeks.