Adobe colour settings file for European Stock Photography (CS2/3)

This colour settings file will help you manage your colour workflow. It sets Adobe 1998 as your working space and if you ever need to supply a CMYK file for a generic European press using coated paper this will also set your default CMYK to a Fogra standard.

Download the zip file here (save it to your desktop then extract the settings file from the zip)

The colour policies are set to respect the colour tags of files not in Adobe 1998 (thus ensuring they display correctly though don’t forget to convert to Adobe 1998 if your agency requires it).

To load into Photo shop:
Start Photoshop and select EDIT:COLOUR SETTINGS. Click on the load button and navigate and select the downloaded file.

To synchronise colour settings throughout Adobe Creative Suit (If you have it!):
Do the same as for Photoshop above then:
And select European Stock Photography from the list.


Microsoft Vista Service Pack 1

I have installed sp1 on my main retouching machine and have encountered no problems so far.
Improvements in network responsivness and file copying are certainly welcome.
The service pack is not in general distribution yet but may be available in the next few days. If I notice any problems I will report them here. Having said that your system will be in a different configuration than mine so dont assume that sp1 would do the same for you. Best to let the update mature for a few weeks so Microsoft can tune it.

As ever I need to be on the bleeding edge!


Update Advisory – Outlook 2007

Unlike previous Outlook mail clients the new one in Office 2007 uses the dpi of an image when displaying it if it is embedded (rather than attached to) an email (Menu:Insert Picture).

Older versions used to just display across the pixel width of the image. If when using web/email sized images produced by my actions you find the image being displayed too small in an email then as a temporary measure use the handles to resize the image.

If I have written actions for you in the past and you have this problem then please email me your action file and I will update it at no cost to you.