Monitor calibration advisory – Pantone Spyder products

The first monitor calibration device I owned was the original Optical Spyder, I think I had a “good” one as it did a reasonable job though I did hear there was variability in build quality and accuracy.
For some years now I have advised people to buy Gretag Macbeth calibrators as the results and consistancy were much better. For clients who already owned a Spyder I was happy to see if it produced a reasonable calibration (Im very sensitive to how my test images should look on a monitor).
However I have recently visited a few clients were the calibration was way out even though the correct perameters were used and the profiling process went without a hitch. Im taking here about a white point that was no where near 6500K and incorrect display of shadow detail. Pantone sell a range of Spyders from cheap to expensive – presumably the cheap ones are not as good as their expensive ones?

If you use a Pantone Spyder and you are getting poor calibrated repro/proof mismatches have a look at replacing it with a Gretag Macbeth Eye-one display 2.

(I have no connection with colour confidence so try a search on Google to check prices)

Getty Images sold

Well it looks like its finished thinking about its self and decided that a sale to a private equity firm Hellman and Friedman is the way forward. (Hell and Fried – man!), £1.2 billion is the price paid.

To be fair the firm does have an understanding of internet properties so it will be interesting to see what happens…..


Getty workflow improvements

Teriffic news for all clients using my custom actions to prepare Getty legal files from their Master tiffs. As of the first of this month you no longer have to process the resulting Getty tiffs to Submission Jpegs using the Prelight tool.

This change means that I can now edit your actions to create Submission Jpegs directly and therby eliminate the last manual step.

There is a new version of Prefilght you can download which just checks that certain aspects of the submission files conform to Getty requirements, feel free to download this from Getty.

Until I get round to you please carry on with the current workflow (this is still ok with Getty).