A few times in the last month I have been editing film collections from clients, slides – on a light box!.
Goodness its strange how quickly film has become so “odd” to deal with, my lightbox is built onto a wooden trolley that I have been using to sit my Epson A2 printer so first thing to do was clear the printer off and fire up the tubes.

I only mention this because I can sense that the window to digitize old images is closing a little each day. Many of the services to digitize film to Getty standard have closed or diversified into other areas. Of course there are still scanners made such as the Flextight and Nikon scanners – but for how long?

If you have a large collection of film images then consider digitizing the core valuable images soon.

A few of my clients have been using the services offered by Andrew Jackson at ACTPIX in Wales The quality of his drum scanned images is really very good and he is an accredited scanning service for Getty.

Just in case your wondering – my clients deal directly with Andrew and I don’t receive commission.