Leopard results (updated)

Well, I have done some limited tests and so far, not too bad:

The Good
Photoshop runs (that’s a good sign!)
My disk heavy Photoshop action runs faster under Leopard:

(average of 3 runs)
Tiger = 143 seconds
Leopard = 110 seconds

Thats quite snappy.

The Bad
I cannot print to my Epson 3800 printer until sometime in November when Epson will release an updated driver (thank heavens I can print using my Vista PC!). Other Epson printers are effected including the 2400 more details here: Epson

The Annoying
You will need to re profile your monitor after you install Leopard
If you use bootcamp to dual boot windows don’t forget to go into windows and load the latest drivers from the DVD.

From my limited tests it would appear that Photoshop runs a little faster when running Photoshop tasks that are disk bound (swap,loading,saving) so that’s a plus point.

Other potential reasons to upgrade? well, to be honest not many, look at the new features and see if your convinced.

Visually things seem less clean and lack the old Mac “purity” it looks more cluttered and busy like Windows Vista.

If you need to make prints in the next month on an Epson inkjet then don’t upgrade just yet. There may be other problems, I will report back if I find them. In the meantime check out other reports on Leopard on the internet.

StephenReporting from the bleeding edge.

Monday Update

Im benchmarking Photoshop under Tiger now using a custom made action that I will then re run under Leopard when I install it in about an hours time. I will post the results asap.

To anyone from Saturdays Wildphotos conference:

Later this week I will be producing a version of my slide show with some notes and this will be available free – just email me with the text Imaging show request in the subject line (feel free to put something about yourself in the body of the email).

Email me here


OS X 10.5 Leopard

I have pre ordered the new operating system from Apple and will be installing it as soon as it arrives.

I will then be able to tell if it messes up anything Photoshop related and let you know.

Any existing clients may wish to resist the tempatation to upgrade until then. Its not likely to impact productivity much but I will benchmark Photoshop CS3 before and after upgrading to see if there are any speed changes.



Major revamp of PC drivers for current Epson printers

In a move that has taken me by surprise and given me quite a shock, Epson have released some new printer drivers that are really quite nicely done: More logical layout! You can now save all relevant settings under a preset! It makes sense!
Whats happened? has the lead programmer at Epson retired and been replaced? Were the old drivers written by Canon? Did Epson think the joke had gone on long enough?
In any case the new drivers are a BIG improvement. They are available for the pc to drive all current printers here (sorry 2100 users):


Its the 6.5a drivers that you will need.

Boot note: these drivers work on one Vista PC that the engineer said was incapable of network printing because of some vague compatibility problem with my switch, it sounded a load of tosh when he said it and these drivers prove it – the fault lay with Epsons programming.