Thought for the day

Yesterday I was finishing off a large poster job in Photoshop, I had just started Photoshop when I was met by an onscreen dialogue I hadn’t seen before.
I didn’t write it down but it was something along the lines of “cannot verify license, Photoshop is quitting” It then quit. I was in a bit of a flap because I needed to get the job finished to a deadline and I know my license for Photoshop is rock solid. Fortunately restarting Photoshop a few times made the warning go away and I was able to complete the retouch.

Perhaps next time it wont let me restart? there is now doubt and uncertainty that my Photoshop will now start up as expected. Its clear from this that the inbuilt digital rights management is a bit flakey. Of course if I had purchased a copy for £5 at a computer fair this wouldn’t have happened, it seems its only legitimate users that suffer from the Adobe DRM. Its not as if its effective anyway (otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to buy copies for £5).

First they milk their market then they provide flakey DRM. The sooner Adobe get some real competition the better for everybody.

OK rant over! I guess this could be useful to clients just in case they get the same problem, looks like a busy machine can stop Photoshop checking its license properly and a few restarts will solve it. You wont hear this message from other Photoshop consultants who are in Adobe’s pockets! Im happy to be independant.