In light of upcoming workshops I have been investing some cash in new licenses and equipment. I can now offer basic and advanced Photoshop CS3 classes using a new dual core 2 Intel based Mac system as well as the custom built Windows Vista workstation.

I have also bought in an Image Pro 5000 Just Normlicht viewing station for better proof viewing for the benefit of my retouching and publishing customers.

Good deals

DVD and CD storage
I recommend that you keep your separate image backups on different media and one of the choices is DVD or CD. Follow the recommendations of the manufacturers and keep your disks in the dark and away from extremes of temperature and moisture. I use aluminium cases, scroll down to the bottom of this link to see a good case (more on page 2). Keep the silica gel packet in the bottom of the case. Click here

The only calibrator most photographers need is a screen calibrator. Gretag Macbeth make good products and Dabs are selling their i1 display 2 repackaged under the Pantone name at a very good VAT inclusive price of £139.00. Here

I have no associations with either retailer so if you find the products elsewhere cheaper let me know and I will post a link.