Photoshop CS3 Beta

A little bit exciting this one, for the first time Adobe are releasing a public beta (ie unfinished) version of CS3 Bridge2 and Camera Raw 4 for everyone with an existing Photoshop licence to try.

The link as of 10am wasn’t yet live but this will work sometime today:

My guess is that there are lots of people (including potentially me) who are holding off from buying an Intel Mac until Photoshop CS3 is out and Apple would like a smoother buying curve (hinted to Adobe?). For whatever reason it will be interesting to see the Intel benchmarks for new windows/macs….

I will be playing extensively on it to see if any of my client actions need tweaking or if there are better ways to increase production, I will report on this page over the next few weeks.

You may want to try it yourself, read the licence carefully and be aware of what your doing – I wouldn’t do any serious client production on the beta just in case there are a few funnies.