Adobe Bridge Update 1.0.4

If you have Bridge 1.0.3 installed you may wish to run it and select updates… from the Help menu so that you can select 1.0.4 to download.
This update promises faster performance and improved security and should be downloaded.

There are versions for the mac and pc. If you have a version of Bridge earlier than 1.0.3 then you will need to download 1.0.3 before updating it.

You can download updates for Bridge and Photoshop here, Adobe have “improved” the site which as far as I can see makes it slower and less easy to use than their old design, if it aint broke….


Photoshop Update 9.0.1

Adobe have released an update to Photoshop CS2 that fixes a few niggles and improves performance in certain conditions.
You can read all about it on the download pages:

Here for the Mac users
Here for the PC users

It seems a long standing tradition to bring out a 0.0.1 release for Photoshop, this one took longer than other revisions in the past. I have respect for Adobes programming skills so dont see any problems for clients updating their systems with this, it may even solve a few issues you may have.

oops… looks like I spoke too soon:

UPDATE: Adobe forums mention problems for Mac users when printing using 9.0.1 There is a problem with this update and colour management. Looks like a revised update will be coming soon. Will keep you informed.